will amc short squeeze happen?

I’ve gotten a few friends and family in too, even people who wouldn’t buy more than 5 shares because they are skeptical and think that the powers that be wouldn’t allow this to happen lol. A candidate who know history and can stand up to rigorous fact checking. , Isn’t it amc 100k now? I’m just in it for fun and will more than likely distribute gains back into AMC and charities. Not only has bankruptcy been off the table since 2021 (via. So hopefully this money will be able to take care of all things. Trey has been a leader in the AMC community, though he’s recently taken time off from stock content on YouTube. The stock dropped more than -84% in 2022 leaving majority of holders with significant unrealized losses, and very few still in profit. 24 Jan 2023 16:59:17 Let's be honest, if there was a short … Lie No. When smoke clears and SEC tries to pin it on them, they can innocently shrug and feign ignorance. The third and final high-growth stock that looks to have a decent shot at squeezing short-sellers in May is esports and gaming company Skillz ( SKLZ -1.78%). Single mom of 2. This turmoil was only short-term but is a reason why we’ve seen some selloff in the market a few weeks ago. I don’t say that to take away from the impact of your words, just don’t want to see people get in trouble. Ortex, or Fintel. Today, Wall Street Memes lists 3 reasons why AMC stock’s short squeeze could be on its way. I am losing my ass at this point. We already own 90% of the float according to AA. We are all people just trying to get thru the harsh realities of life. I’m 950 shares long and climbing. Time to apply REAL pressure and see AMC rise above the HF swamp. 2500 shares strong! • 9 days ago. Some helpful tips to new Apes My well to do buddy jumped in on 20,000 shares and I did what I could to to keep up and started with 10,xxx and am now a total of exactly 14,200 shares. Its primary function will be to assist all its members in becoming the best they can be and integrating that expression into our forum to promote its own diversity. The high short interest is a strong indicator AMC has the potential to squeeze again. I really hope this works out for you and your children!!! You can now read exclusive FrankNez articles for only $1/mo. … Single dad, always rented and this would be life changing allowing me to buy a house and be mortgage free. I only have 105 shares, but I want to have a pitbull rescue. Redditors have touched base on this topic and are determined anything below $100 is a buy, for a short squeeze that is. AMC has 90%+ retail ownership. Retail investors look to be preparing themselves for a second short squeeze much like the one that unfolded with GameStop ( GME) in January, … I did the same thing, I had 40 shares of AMC with average cost of $10.05, sold at $12 because I got worried where it hadn't "squeezed" yet. Frank what can we do as Apes to get the SEC to take action??? #AMC . I enjoy your articles and find them very helpful . Because AMC is heavily shorted at 22%, this is a short squeeze play in 2023. FOX Business reported AMC to have a strong chance of a short squeeze in 2021. Oh and be debt free! Recovering my retirement that resolved in ’08/09. It’s been a ride but I know the squeeze is inevitable. Your support helps maintain all the costs it takes to run a blog at this scale. … Squeeze would allow me to pay off my house loan and have a lot saved up for when I retire in 8.5 years. Holding for the Moon. Thanks for the info- The new year brings new hopes for GME stock bulls that “the mother of all short squeezes” might be lurking around the corner. I’m only holding around 150 shares. Prime Members can listen … The only question becomes how far will the squeeze go. Single for holding 9 shares I wish you the best. Thank you for spreading the awareness. Short interest for Bed Bath and Beyond and AMC is at close to 70%. It’s inevitable. Related: How to Buy AMC Stock (2023 Guide). Same. AMC Entertainment has implemented a Safe & Clean program under the advisement from Harvard University’s prestigious School of Public health as well as well as the No. If anything, i’ll have a good night’s sleep knowing that there are billionaires who are currently losing sleep. HOLD !!! As of 1/3 AMC’s short borrow fee rate is 109.90%. AMC's Short Squeeze. Related: How to Buy AMC Stock (2023 Guide). Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that provides retail investors market news with integrity. I would love to hear your thoughts and brainstorm ideas with you. Helps being Canadian, my dollar is worth less :). Can someone explain to me why Robinhood is a bad place to buy the AMC shares? 96. #HOLDING, One thing is certain, this is going to happen for you . Answer (1 of 2): Yes. In the case of TSLA in 2020, there were some positive fundamentals underlying the short squeeze, including the company’s more consistent profitability and hopes of it being … Holding 1100 bananas and looking to sell $37,000 of TSLA shares to buy around 3500more bananas. AMC Entertainment ( … Theatrical exhibition stock AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC) was one of the top short squeeze candidates during last year’s meme stock craze. Will AMC squeeze again? And it’s how Genius Group turned its $8 million stock into $100 million in less than a fortnight. Thanks. More than 27% of its float is sold short, but it has as much cash as AMC and a clearer path to market-beating returns. The value of AMC Networks (ticker symbol: AMCX) also increased significantly, which was believed to have happened because of the stock's name … The stock market can be highly unpredictable, and many factors can influence the price of a stock, such as company performance, industry trends, and overall market conditions. I will also pay off my home and do home improvements and vacation, To the moon 140 bananas for now, will try to get another 100 by end of tomorrow. Great article! Asking retail investors to put more money into the AMC money pit is insanity. AMC Entertainment is set up for a short squeeze despite its split. I believe the short squeeze is primed to happen during these few weeks, at most by the end of June. Apes must continue to raise awareness on social platforms while tagging regulators. The interest is growing at an alarming rate and AMC’s current utilization is at 100%. TD and Fintel have this figure from 18% to 21%. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, be sure to do so that way you don’t miss out on new information. Already have a house/car/dog/cranky ass wife and new golf clubs. Everyone can sell at whatever price point they want. What happenedSome of the higher-profile stocks that have been experiencing short squeezes this week -- specifically GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings -- were … Hi Steve, I refer to the short borrow fee hedge funds have to pay to borrow the stock. Thank you for your comment Kimberly and for sharing your story with the community. Although I am worried about what will become of the world economy. Between a Buddy and me we have close to 30,000 shares and plan to HODL as long as we can to make sure EVERYONE gets bananas for years to come! Is it potentially dangerous to transfer during the squeeze? Trading volume will speak for itself, and retail investors will just have to wait to find out whether AMC can reach GameStop numbers. amc synthetic shares count. adding 90 bananas Monday #diamond hands forever, screw the hedge funds and their markets manipulation!!!!! AMC will need momentum if it’s to see another massive runup in share price. amc synthetic shares count troop singer kills wife amc synthetic shares count. This ^ Do what you think is best for you, But I think this is huge opportunity to change my life. O ver the past month, shares of AMC Entertainment ( AMC) have traded in a relatively narrow band around $10 per share. Thanks for commenting Mark. AMC has released a report warning shareholders from the risks of buying APE shares as the company gets ready to sell up to 425 million shares. They were still shorting it. I’d say lower your expectations. PLEASE JUST HODL HODL HODL. Don’t short yourself, It’s whatever you want it to be brother , Great article 7600 shares and keep buying and holding , Insanity – cheers to you brother, thanks for reading FrankNez. Pay off all our debt and be super happy!! Or, are we looking at a longer game here? I thought this was a good read and if the pressure keeps up shorts might start closing but they are banking on bankruptcy and never having to close the position. If that figure is over 20%, a short squeeze could be on the way. Great article. Keep in mind that AMC’s share price during the booming party economy of 16′ was roughly around $30 per share. Absolute Armageddon for hedge funds betting against AMC Entertainment and an emerging retail community Wall Street never saw coming. Here's the basic idea of how a short squeeze happens: A stock is heavily shorted due to investor pessimism. To help ease the anxiety and have a nest egg for ever. Totally agree. Only 320 shares at the moment but still adding slowly, if it only squeezes to $1000 I can be debt free own our house outright and do some renovations. It’s been said before by every Reddit page admin and every AMC-centric YouTube content provider. A short squeeze play is a long commitment with incredible upside. Jan 25, 202305:00. Now i am the proud owner of 3607 shares! Your dedicated support combats corporate media such as The Fool, MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance, through news with integrity. Domestically, most people live in smaller markets where there is only one Big Three cinema. campbell soup distribution center fayetteville, nc; total military management lawsuit ; santa fe college transfer to uf; eddie jones chelsea jones; eaton rec center youth sports; chase … https://franknez.com/the-apes-have-exposed-market-corruption-but-whats-being-done/. This doesn’t have to be huge buys, rather incremental to validate the current share price. Free Live Daily Updates: AMC Short Interest Today + more. Let’s vote out established players that keep screwing the people. who also owns Barrons, MarketWatch, and DOW Jones Newswire. I have zero confidence in this BS move to save the shorts, Yes it will save the shorts and kill us, it just gives the Hedge fund much more money to make when the price goes up , they are out of room on APE & AMC now. About 5.5%, and the short interest is nearly 20%. -this could go on indefinitely as new short positions are created bc hedges “know” normal people get impatient and scared. AMC’s current short interest is around 22.10%. - Franknez.com, Should You Buy, Hold, or Sell AMC Stock? Previous months still consisted of several hundreds of millions in trading volume. I hold with my Ape family. Shorts do NOT have to close. In 2023, it seems we’ve already hit the bottom. Below are AMC’s quarter earnings for 2021, the year the ape movement began. When you have a lot of short sellers betting on the downside of a company’s stock, there’s a probability to squeeze them out of their positions if the price shoots up quickly. youtubers Trey/Matt etc have all gone quiet, what else can they find to say? Got to admit I only bought bec of FOMO. Tonight I have watched some videos and some of the youtubers think the price could go to $ 50 this week. Volkswagen rose up to nearly $1,000 when it squeezed back in 2008 due to a similar strategy produced by car manufacturer Porsche. Shareholders continue to buy and hold the stock. Help my son finish med school. The stock continues to be heavily shorted. Never sell before 500$ minimum Buying does not make a difference at this point its useless. Shit DD. Cheers ape , You have a good heart Matty – thanks for commenting brother. November 30, 2022. The price after a short squeeze eventually fall back down and level out, but this will take time. This is the first one that is real about why a squeeze could be hindered. If that tells anyone anything. Im a nurse for medically fragile children and I want to be able to purchase medical equipment that medicaid cannot always supply cost free. Mother of two beautiful boys. Markets Insider. I was part of the 8.01 battle. To the moon brother , have been working 7 days for so long only to never save more than £200 a month. I don’t trust them either way. I have 2500 shares. Hedge Funds shorting companies in a vain effort to bankrupt them so that they can usher in a replacement industries that they have already heavily invested in). If you go and buy Cinemark shares, and Cinemark surges up to $60 or $70 on a short squeeze, you make money that you can reinvest in AMC or whatever if you want to do so. As the AMC short drags on for at least 2-3 months longer (Mooning with each short expiration). If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, be sure to do so to stay informed when a new blog post is published. I hope it happens and I can look back at this comment and be so thankful! Not a penny less will I sell for! Hi Dave – there’s more on naked shorting here: https://franknez.com/naked-shorting-is-making-its-way-to-mainstream-media/, First time investing in a stock…. Knocking off the student loans will free up hundreds of dollars per month that I can put towards whatever I decide to do with the house. . There’s a list of real brokerage accounts on this article: https://franknez.com/how-to-invest-in-the-stock-market-step-by-step-for-beginners/. New short positions have brought AMC’s short interest up to 22% again meaning there are many shorts that have yet to be squeezed from their positions. This would finally give me a nice vacation and early retirement. Just don't wait too long because we hear it's going to the moon. How do we catch the next squeeze before it happens? AMC short squeeze was also a potential but did not gain traction until May 2021. so, my question is: when would I know when to sell? A lot of apes see AMC and Cinemark as competitors, which is true in only the loosest sense. If a short squeeze doesn’t happen, fundamentals will continue to bring the stock up as more investors are buying the stock. Hi Hutch – it’s taken 3-5 days for some apes I know. We look forward to welcoming back our New York City guests to the big seats, big sounds and big screens that are only possible at a movie theatre.”. Some have sold their positions and others are still buying in anticipation of AMC shares soaring past $1,000 (according to Redditors). I see too many negative catalysts for AMC for that to happen. First, let’s dive into what triggered the event in 2021 to better understand whether today’s market conditions are in retail’s favor. Holding 4,045 bananas. for the apes! It warms my heart to read about everyone’s dreams here. that’s probably where things get crazy. Here’s the difference between a gamma squeeze and a short squeeze: A gamma squeeze are momentum gains. I’m currently down- A LOT. Slept on them for years and laughed as I was ignorant and didn’t know or desire the knowledge. What we need to do is to promote the cinemas in general. AMC to the Moon! On today's Squeeze, we discuss Jeff Bezos’ willingness to sell the Washington Post just to make Dan Snyder happy. They’ve been doing this for over 60 yrs. 473 nanners…and my gf who has about the same amount…We are holding strong for the flood to come. … I do know than he will do whatever it takes to raise money for the company. The price has to be driven up enough to … That’s beautiful, Concetta. Happy to hear my post has helped you during this crazy battle. It cannot be audited nor can the involved private banks that make it up. https://franknez.com/when-do-shorts-have-to-cover-their-positio… Subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss a blog post when it’s published! Love it! I have 1020 bananas in movie tickets and still holding 30 bananas in video games. Debt free, day trading, no boss – love it. AMC and GameStop blew Wall Street out of the water in 2021. In 2021, AMC’s first short squeeze rose to nearly 1,000% in January, then to more then 3,000% in June. . 205 Bananas…Holding until this pimple pops at the peak of popping perfection! Selling puts with a strike price of $5 or below is a much different bet than owning stock outright. Saludos desde España !!! AMC stock price reached $72 in late May 2021 and is currently consolidating. Hedge funds took this opportunity to overleverage their short positions in the stock, betting it would close forever. Love it – what kind of business do you want to start? - Franknez.com, How High Can AMC Stock Price Skyrocket Up To? Published. Among other reasons for the short squeeze, Trey also mentioned that FOMO (fear of missing out) could play a role and act as a catalyst for the next meme attack. As mentioned in a recent article, the hyper valuation of AMC shares could benefit the company, as it uses the higher share price to strengthen its fragile (but improving) balance sheet. Chances are if it opens higher than you will have to cancel your transaction and buy at the new ‘ask amount’. Days such as the battle of $8.01 influenced what was to come next. AMC short squeeze will occur soon. And #5 is our biggest threat ~ hedge corruptions and what’s worse is that there are no regulations to stop their ongoing manipulations! Simply present the evidence and it’s a no brainer!! I don’t believe in the manipulation of the media and I will continue to update these articles as more great news unfolds. Leave a comment at the end of the blog post. While the runup to $72 per share might have caused AMC’s short interest to drop to 14% from 20%, AMC’s short interest has now gone up to 22%. They did it once and I don’t doubt if the money to them is right, that they’d do something to bail out Citadel again. I assume the squeeze is when retail investors sell AMC stock for profit, correct? Mainstream media who serve hedge funds in a conflict of interest have been egging retail investors to not buy the stock all of 2021. big whoop I’m down 2 million, lol. • 9 days ago. WOW. Holding 400 shares to the Moon. AMC’s short interest data shows us the stock has the perfect setup for a short squeeze. The talk on this article is at least 1K, so when will retail investors know when this happens? The mission of this platform is to spread the truth corporate media isn’t willing to, by giving the people in our community a voice. Here's the basic idea of how a short squeeze happens: A stock is heavily shorted due to investor pessimism. I know a lot of people are transferring asap, Wendy. Sending positive thoughts out to you and your family stay strong . In a year filled with historic squeezes from the likes of GME, AMC, BBBY, and more, it is paramount for investors to weigh fundamental conviction against all of the factors that, together, set the stage for events like these. My big question to Adam Aron is have you figured a way to stop the bleeding or are you just going to keep selling shares to prolong the inevitable , meaning have you figured out how to make money .Unreal how much money is owed. Crap kids are hungry. You put some of the profits back into AMC, and keep buying APE on the dips. AMC stock price predictions range from $1,000 to $100k+. It’s true, I had x amount of AMC and tried to sell and buy a dip to get more stock and ended up losing a significant amount of shares attempting to day trade up stocks.

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